Grow Tent Grow System Basic Setup-180W LED Grow Light

Grow Tent 300w led Setup
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Product Description

Grow Tent Grow System Basic StartSetup

Basically the do it yourself, add your own fans and soil pots for an easy large stealth grow box.  Large 48x 24x 60 Grow tent, fully reflective.

Easy Assembly, this unit will grow very large plants if our personal stealth grow boxes aren’t enough.

Features  a 180 Watt UFO LED Lighting   The hps and led are comparable in power, the hps does use more power but is a more time tested Grow light.

Most agree for ulitmate yield, HPS or High pressure sodium lighting is best, but some people now love the LED grow lights.

Simply add your own soil buckets and a fan or two and you will have a huge stealth garden, price includes shipping to USA.

The led is self ballasted and cooler operating grow light. The hps 400watt included with yoyo hangers to raise and lower light, and digital ballast.

If you are looking for a full blown monster grow tent type setup, we do them custom for people often, we just have mostly what most people mostly want on our page, but we have done full grow rooms for people, extra large tents, self cooled and 100% odor free, there is a lot of options out there for a amazing tent that will yield a ton, but most of our users do not want this large. 

Email or call for quote to your custom specifications.


Total Size (L/W/H) 48*24*60 inch
Door Zipper Doors with Ventilation windows
Exterior Material Heavy duty Oxford Cloths
Tube 16 × 0.8mmsteel pole
Inner Lining 100% reflective water-proof Mylar
Frame Material Durable powder coated Metal