PC Grow Box - Hydroponic Grow Box Looks Just Like a PC

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  • Manufacturer: Dealzer
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Product Description

PC Grow Box

The PC grow box is the ultimate stealth grow box as it looks just like a PC, has lock and key for plant security and comes with more accessories than any other PC grow box on the market. Please note, this is the ORIGINAL (trademarked) PC grow box. Grow 2 plants that can grow tall since plants bend. Our nutrient package is also designed to create thick, bushy plants to assist. A lifetime warranty, a lifetime of tech support, and instructions are included.

Dimensions: 8.1" Deep x 26.5" Tall x 19" Wide inches

Grows 2 pounds of dried plant matter per year.

What's included? See below!

  • The PC Grow Box ships fast via stealth shipping and comes with EVERYTHING you need except for the plants!

  • Light reflection panels for maximum light exposure

  • Cooling and vent systems (100 CFM+; Co2 Compatible; Quiet Air Exchange)

  • 2 Plant Hydroponics System

  • Can grow all plant types

  • (3) 6500 CFL Grow & (3) Flowering Full Spectrum Grow Lights (Equivilant to 180w)

  • 3 outlet adapters
  • Two net pots

  • Air pump, tubing, airline, stone, bag of red clay rocks, and more

  • 6 quart reservoir

  • Power strip
  • 2 Organic starter plugs and pre-installed germinating helpers

  • 2 80mm fans/filter assembly
  • Heavy Duty Timer

  • Lock and Key System

  • 2 Year Supply Of Nutrients (Moon Dust)

  • Ona block odor terminator (works with the worst odors for TOTAL elimination; tried and tested)
  • Instructions Included

  • Life Time Tech Support

  • Lifetime No Hassle Warranty!

All you have to do is follow our easy instruction guide to set up the PC Grow Box, then you can pretty much grow whatever you want. The lights and hydroponics system are completely automated. You won't have to worry about anything other than occasionally checking up on the plants. After 8 weeks, simply harvest your plants and start again! Setup shouldn't take any longer than 15 minutes each time. The PC Grow Box is a complete, turnkey hydroponics system!

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Manufactured in the US! We help our economy grow from within!

Product Reviews

  1. Good !

    Posted by Manas

    I love the product.

  2. nice!

    Posted by pera

    i love this thing, its perfectly sized!

  3. Hehe

    Posted by Maria

    Lol, this puppy is awesome. I see it turning in my garage every day. Its just amazing. I've never seen anything like it before. I love it!

  4. Magnificent lights

    Posted by Sam

    The best investment I ever made for my hydroponic systems, power consumption is down, and I have seen no need to replace anything on these lights yet.

  5. Pretty good.

    Posted by PCGROWBOX

    I like the little nic naks this box has inside of it. It seems to have more to it than what you just see on the description. The PC factor of it is awesome because nobody suspects that it is a growing chamber. They simply think the system is a computer just laying around in my house. Its cool. I'm going to use this one until I can afford a larger model. I like it and give it 5 stars.

  6. Its a TOWER, no, its a grow box!

    Posted by Linux Gal

    Is it a computer, ha, had you fooled. at first glance this thing seems to be a computer tower, but it is not, it is in fact a neat, and powerful growing tool used for a small number of plants. Don't expect to open your own produce market based on this things performance, like Microsoft, it is limited in what it can do. Growing a couple plants at a time is what this is made for, rather the interior is made to do exactly that, the exterior is made to look like a popular piece of electronics most everyone in the world possesses. Cool way to grow plants, and fun.

  7. My new computer

    Posted by Tyler

    New computer, or rather a new hydroponics box, it looks just like a computer, and holds like 2 decently sized plants.

  8. small stealthy

    Posted by JJ420

    Really small, and discized as a computer desktop, easy to hide, and keep its purpose hidden. A+

  9. Great Price

    Posted by jan

    Cheap. has paid for its self a few times over already.

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