Cash Crop 5.0 Led Deluxe-Soil Indoor Stealth Grow Box

Cash Crop led 5.0, private lockable 6 site dwc hydroponic system
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  • Item #: cacrdes
  • Manufacturer: Dealzer
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Led Grow-Box-5
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The Cash Crop Led 5.0 - 6 Plant DWC Soil Grow Box - 36 Inch Tall (Deluxe)

Completely Private and Lockable - Discreet Shipping


Cash Crop ® 5.0 - 6 Plant LED Soil Grow Box


The Cash Crop 5.0 ® LED grow box is the perfect personal grow box. With the perfect LED grow light, this grow box can maintain healthy plants even in the roughest conditions. The reason for this is that the LED light holds the perfect spectrum plus it gives off virtually no heat. Grow seed to harvest. We will provide everything you need except for the seeds. Free shipping & liftetime warranty included.



Produces 5 pounds of dried plant matter per year!

Note: Please select either the Deluxe or Standard version from the drop down box above.

Cash Crop ® Deluxe Dimensions: 34.75" T x 16.5" W x 11.25" D

Get everything you need to grow:

  • Built in Infrared Blocking Technology will reflect light to where your plants need it most. Also the film acts as superior insulator for your box
  • Incredibly Powerful / Next Generation Quasar LED Lighting (Full spectrum lighting for veg to flower spectrums; 420nm to 460nm veg & 630nm to 660nm flower)
  • Virtually no heat issues due to fans and LED lighting
  • A carbon protected intake and exhaust system that includes a powerful 80mm outlet fan that will protect you from incoming pests and give you a fast rate of air exchange
  • A strong air pump that produces richly oxygenated water that plants love. It has a sound dampening cover, soft rubber feet to suppress vibration, and a long lasting FLEX diaphragm. Rated for up to 15 gallons
  • Air Hose and an air stone to aerate and circulate your oxygen rich water
  • A sturdy 1.5 Gallon reservoir (you will only need 1 gallon of water to fill) with lid
  • (2) 2" hydroponic net pots
  • (2) Plant starter plugs that have are derived from peat moss which provides the perfect air to water ratio to promote root growth to eager new plants or cuttings.
  • NPK nutrients & measuring spoon to make sure you get the correct amount of nutrient every time
  • Odor control provided by Ona Pro; the industry leader in neutralizing odors naturally at a molecular level (not a masking agent like some others). It is an environmentally friendly product
  • DUAL outlet grounded timer with 15 minute on - off cycles
  • Lockable latches on the door
  • Unlimited lifetime technical support
  • Easy to follow instructions PDF instructions)
  • Free Shipping
  • Grow Type:  soil as your grow type. Both work well but we recommend hydroponics.
  • Plant Slots: How many plants do you want to grow?
  • Co2 Enhancer - Grow up to 20% faster than without Co2. Harvest in as little as 8 weeks.
  • Herb Dryer - Dry your herbs in a hanging herb dryer or a Magic Herb Dryer (grow box that dries)
  • Hydroponics Training Guide - Learn everything you need to get started in a simple to understand hydroponics guide.

Does the Cash Crop ® 5.0 grow from start to finish? Can I put seeds in there?

Yes. You can put your seeds in there (see instructions) and harvest when your plants fully grow.

I am looking for a totally stealth grow box and wish to grow my plants privately. Can you guarantee this?

Yes. Multiple features allow for stealth growing.

Is there enough room to grow in the Cash Crop ® 5.0?

Yes. There is plenty of space to grow and you have the option to tie down tall plants using kitchen ties for taller plants.

How do you ship? How long does it take? How will I know when my package has shipped?

We typically use Fedex for our shipments. We take approximetely 2 business days to build and ship your grow box. We also email tracking numbers upon shipment so that you can track your package.

I am a first time grower and have never grown with hydroponics. What if I get confused?

The Cash Crop ® 5.0 comes with instructions plus unlimited phone and email support.

Does the Cash Crop ® 5.0 give off much heat? Does it use a lot of electricity?

With the new LED lighting, you will not have any heat issues and electricity usage is so little, it is barely noticeable.

What about warranty?

We offer a whopping lifetime warranty on your Cash Crop ® 5.0.

Is the grow box completely assembled upon delivery?

Yes. The box is fully assembled.