daisy cloner 8 site, Botanicare cloning machine, inexpensive plant cloning, plant propagation machine
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  • Manufacturer: Botanicare
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DAISY CLONER 8 SITE Aeroponic Cloning Systems

This simple to use cloning machine offers commercial quality components at an economical price. A high-pressure mist sprays the cuttings and roots appear within days.

This system is ideal for schools, research and development and hobbyists.

To root up to eight plants at a time: Add cloning solution to water, place cutting in the root guard, neoprene collar and place in the 2" pot. Operate the machine for 24 hour periods until roots appear (3-10 days).

Transplant your new clone into any grow substrate.

Botanicare also suggests using AquaShield®. T

The Daisy Cloner works best with 16-18 hours of fluorescent light for cuttings.

Misting leaves once or twice daily is also helpful. Perfect for propagating cuttings. Ideal for cloning up to 8 of your favorite herbs or vegetables.

Provides an effective, automated method for delivering optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen for rapid growth rates.