FLORA NECTAR - Pineapple Rush- Gallon

FLORA NECTAR - Pineapple Rush- Gallon
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  • Item #: 2839
  • Manufacturer: General Hydroponics
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GH1661
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PineappleRush is the newest flavor by General Hydroponics. Infused with pineapple essence, your plants will get a sugar rush everytime you use it!

Scientists have formulated both FloraNectar PineappleRush and FruitnFusion to optimize the greatest transference of sweetness and aroma into your fruits and flowers.

FloraNectar contains all natural raw cane sugar, molasses, malt syrup, select plant based esters, L-amino acids, organic acids, polyflavornoids, vitamins and essential minerals.



Weight: 10 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 6x6x12
Warranty: 1 Year