Grow Boxes, Grow Closets, Grow Tents and Greenhouses

Hydroponic grow boxes, led grow boxes and grow closets are private and lockable and come with built in hydroponic systems, lighting and reflective material and with everything else you need to grow large. You can control grow any plant in the world inside a grow box or grow closet.

Every part of growth from seed sprouting, cloning to growing mature plants can be done better in a grow box, grow closet or grow tent.

Grow boxes, led grow boxes and grow closets easily can become part of your home's interior, masquerading as a storage cabinet with no hint as to what is growing inside.

Noise and odors are filtered and hidden

Grow tents generally are in a basement, garage or outdoors and are the best place for seed germination and controlled growing climate.


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    If you can't find a grow box  or grow closet that suits your needs we can build one for you.  Just let us know what your requirements are and we'll work with you until you have exactly what you want, quality built, at the lowest price possible.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Email or call for a quote today.

    We hope you have discovered your favorite user friendly hydroponic grow box or grow closet to further meet your growing needs. Here are some videos to get a bettter idea of how the grow boxes, grow closets, grow tents can be set up for use.