Hydroponic Pumps - Garden Irrigation

We sell and have available the popular General Hydroponic Pumps:  The Dual Diaphragm Air pump to power multiple WaterFarm units, TNC Inline water pumps, Waterpower 120, fully submersible, or inline, magnetic driv pump. 

ActiveAqua submersible pumps for 5 gallon to 100 gallon, Pro Pumps which are heavy duty magnetically driven centrifugal pumps, fully submersible, ActiveAqua Commercial Air Pumps from 1 outlet to 12 outlets and Air Dividers with 6 outlets to 12 outlets.

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We have the best quality pumps at economical prices to handle every size hydroponic system's reservoir or holding tank. 

There are pumps for WaterFarms or chains of systems.

If you're not sure what size pump you require our full descriptions can help you decide or contact us for further assistance.