Hydroponic System - Flood & Drain Tray 4'x4' - Budget Hydroponic

Hydroponic System - Flood & Drain Tray 4'x4' - Budget Hydroponic
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Hydroponic System - Budget Hydroponics

Flood & Drain Tray 4'x4'


Product Information

This is one of our discreet shipping products. This 5'X5' grow tent setup is IDEAL for the Secret Jardin DR150 II


+ Tray - Active Aqua Flood Table 4'x4'

  • This tray will fit perfectly in any 5' x 5' grow tent, made of very durable high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for longevity.

+ Reservoir - Botanicare Multi-Res Reservoir 20 Gallon Bottom

  • Nothing much to say here.

+ Pump - Ecoplus 396 Water Pump

  • Correct sized pump for the system

+ Controller - ART-DNe pump controller

  • A high quality on/off controller for managing the automatic watering of the system.

Parts -

+8' Vinyl tubing 3/4" diameter

+ Botanicare drain fittings 3/4" diameter This includes 4 each risers,drains,and screens.


  • Pre-drilled holes
  • You will want some air stones. You need  a 6" air stone and a one outlet air pump.

You will need to purchase grow media seperately. We offer several packages for your convinience.

Product Review:

1.) Easy to assemble, low weight components.

2.) The most affordable hydroponics system for its size!


Price includes shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.