Hydroponic Systems

We sell all varieties of hydroponic systems at discount prices from the simple to the complex.

We have drip hydroponic systems, aeroponic systems for plant cloning and propagation, expandable aeroponic systems, ebb and flow,  ebb and grow systems,  deep water culture (DWC) systems, expandable hydroponic systems, plant propagation and cloning systems.

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    All of the hydroponic systems come complete with all you need to get started as well as hydroponic how to and guidelines.

    You can start small with one module and add on as you go allowing your garden to expand.

    We have small systems good for flower, herb and lettuce growing.

    Medium systems for larger flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

    Large systems suitable for larger vegetable, berries and trees.

    We have the hydroponics systems that are ideal for home use, schools, research and development and hobbyists.

    A fully complete hydroponic system or kit is a great gift to yourself and to your loved ones.

    A great family project.

    Also a wonderful addition to your favorite schools’ classroom: hydroponic systems are great learning science projects for children.