LED GROW BOX -48 Inches Tall 9 Site 300Watt Grow Closet

LED Grow Box
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  • Item #: unlegr300
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Yield Machine UFO Grow Box
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Product Description

Hydroponic Grow Box with 300w LED LightingFully assembled - free shipping.

Our Highest Yielding

Cabinet is fully assembled and ready to go, just plug in and mount your led light to the hook, and your good to grow the day you get this box. 

The New Stealth Led Grow Box is one of our newest grow cabinets., and by the far the best and highest yielding.  Compare yields to cabinets over double the cost.  With more users looking for more yield without the multiple thousand plus dollar price tags, we now have the Yield Machine Max. 

Grow from seed to harvest in half the time of an outdoor grow with great yielding results.

Everything needed for a successful grow is included in your purchase, just add seeds!

Our newest box is four feet tall, 18 wide , 13.5″ deep.

It is large in width and now houses a hydroponic basin 3x the size of the original  using a 20 quart hydroponic system.  *plant system. This cabinet comes equipped with a 200 watt High Powered but low heat UFO Led grow light. Light is removable up or down.

Comes in separate package with included hardware.

Box fully assembled

Now also You will also receive:

  • Now includes 3 part General hydroponics flora series one of the best nutrients for yield on the market.  16oz of 3 bottles, not a small sample, one of each : FloraGro, Floramicro, and FloraBloom.
  • 2 extra large fans intake and exhaust 4.75″by4.75′ fans.  With carbon filtration and light cover system in rear at fan air holes, no light leak and odor control in one.
  • 9 plant, 20 Quart Hydroponic system using deep water culture.
  • Equipped and installed pump, tubing, bubbler, Net pots 2″ , and grow cubes, everything needed is included to grow.
  • CO2 enhancing tablets.
  • Carbon filtration odor block filters with light blocking
  • snap down latches, spring loaded, for ultimate tightness and accepts any mini padlock for ultimate security.
  • Timer for light scheduling needed for your spectrums of growth.
  • full grow support,

Cabinet is fully assembled and ready to go, just plug in and mount your led light to the hook, and your good to grow the day you get this box. 

Tons of legal patients are saving thousands of dollars growing their own medicine instead of spending high dispensary prices. 

These are recent legal patient medical grow photos from California.  

Free Shipping to the contiguous USA, no add ons at checkout, everything is included, price seen is price paid.

We’ve searched above and beyond for the best  deals on hydroponic grow cabinets and as far as yield and quality in one for the money, nothing comes close to our Stealth 300Watt LED Grow box.

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