LED GROW BOX 6 SITE, 6 QUART 36 in tall 135 Watt

LED Grow Box 36
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Product Description

3 foot Led Grow Box - 135 Watt High powered led lighting.

First on the market in a  grow box. 

Product Description

This is one of our newest additions. We took our staple top selling cabinet and modified it with LED grow lights that fit inside the original frame.
Instead of CFL used in original , the led version -  new  in LED technology , self ballasted and runs cool.  dual spectrum led lighting we now have the first on the market in a  grow box. 

Need more power and size?

Available in 3 and 4 foot sizes as well as higher powered LED lighting with options above. 



Box comes with everything needed grow including

  • 6 plant deep water culture hydroponic system with bubbler, pump , tubing , grow medium, and net pots.

  • intake and exhaust for fresh air to leaves and exhaust of old air up top.

  • dual layer carbon filter acts to keep light out and odor help.

  • snap down spring loaded latches for light seal, as well as neoprene weather stripping, neither found on competitions  boxes.

  • Hand painted black with latex paint not spray paint, then clear coated.

  • Regular stock includes 3 x 15 watt new age screw in multi spectrum grow lights , providing a full spectrum of growth , you only need to change time to switch to flowering.

  • Deluxe is NEW  option including  135 Watt Mini UFO High powered led lighting.

          36″ tall, 16″ wide, 9.5 “deep


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