LED GROW BOX 9 SITE 36 H, 180 Watt 12 QUART

LED Grow Box 36
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Product Description

3 foot Super Led Grow Box-

Now with 180 watt UFO full spectrum grow light.

Our newest super hydroponic grow box, for people looking for even more yield.

This is a 3 foot tall grow box,  17.75 wide 13.5 deep.

This box comes stock with  180 watt ufo led grow light. 60×3 watt LEDs make this a great powerful system.  

Power source also included inside of box, no need to rewire or anything.

Box comes fully assembled and ready to use. This is a large box, it extra deep.

This unit will allow more yield than any other indoor box we sell, at a fraction of the cost of other companies larger boxes.

Comparable to a 400 watt hps grow light with this unit.

Box comes with grow cubes by rapid rooter, 6 net pots, 6 plant hydroponic dwc system with 4 ” oxygenator for more nutrient delivery thru pump.

Plug in and grow with this unit, also includes carbon filter odor removal filter on rear of unit.

NOW included free are 6 months CO2 food. Allows for even bigger plants than ever before.

A lot of places won’t show you what you can expect to grow in your cabinet. Mostly because it will  not grow that great.  These are current photos of a users medical grow in California.

No extra charges at checkout.  

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