LED Grow Lights

BLUE LED lights are vegetation enhancing.

MAGENTA LED lights are for flowering emphasis.

PURPLE LED lights are general purpose.

RED LED lights are bloom boosters.

LED GROW LIGHTS are the most recent trend in grow lights because these lights do not only emit intense light but they generate very little heat as well and covers a wide range of the light spectrum.

The down side is that they can be quite costly. Led grow lights are usually room efficient, being slim neons that can fit virtually everywhere. You can either place them on top of the hydroponic system, or on the sides.

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LED lights put out a powerful stream of light for in depth penetration into plants. Many LED lights can be easily attached and detached from their location in case you need to adjust and correct your your lighting. Many indoor gardeners use two LEDS, one red and one blue, on either side of the garden.  This will simulate natural light better than normal lamps. Another advantage is that they can operate for longer periods of times in high temperatures. LEDs have the most dramatic effect of the  hydroponic lighting solutions, being able to  hi-light and make beautiful a less attractive garden system.