Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive 10RPM Motor Light Mover Complete Kit

3.5 light rail light mover by Gualala Robotics
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  • Item #: G3511
  • Manufacturer: Gualala Robotics Inc
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: LR3.5-ID9-KIT
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Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive 10RPM Motor Light Mover Reflector Complete Kits

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Get the Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive Grow Light Mover Kit

The self-propelled Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive from Gualala Robotics Inc. is without question the finest linear lamp-mover available. The Gualala Robotics Inc. LightRail 3.5 IntelliDrive 10 rpm travels approx. 4 feet per minute and has 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay for pausing the lamp at the ends of its travel, helping to promote even growth from end to end. Being the faster of the two 3.5 IntelliDrives, it is typically used for longer runs and / or with higher intensity lights. This item does include the rail.

The science is fairly straight forward: Plants need the energy of light to grow. LightRail takes it deeper—all the way to the bottom of the plant. The lamp-moving technology allows for more illumination in your garden including underneath the foliage, so more of the plant is involved in photosynthesis. By moving your light source along our unique-to-the-marketplace rail system, your light will reach new lows—and your plants will reach record high yields.


Light Rail 3.5 Light Mover Motor

hydroponics light mover

For a rectangular growing area, a linear lamp moving system is preferable. The self propelled Light Rail 3.5 Intelli Drive is without question, the finest linear lamp-mover available. It uses no pulleys, chains or gears. Simply mount the standard 6 foot track over the desired area and place the lamp-moving drive motor onto the track. The Light Rail 3.5 Intelli Drive is supplied with adjustable switch stops, so lamp travel can be any length you wish. This is perfect for a start-up size garden through to a full growth garden. The standard 6 foot track may also be extended. Light Rail 3.5 comes with a 2 Year Factory Warranty.

What's Intelli Drive?

Light Rail 3.5 indoor plant growing system The all new Light Rail 3.5 Intelli Drive with Solid State Advanced Control's fully integrated PCB Circuitry will give you the control you are looking for. With an adjustable 0-60 second time delay you can "fine tune" the length of delay at each end of your lamp's travel to meet your garden's ever changing needs.

Why move your light?

Light Rail 3.5 Light Mover attached to RailMoving one light on a 6 foot rail should increase your light's area of coverage by approximately 1.6. This translates into lower operating cost due to higher single light yields. The lumens produced by a grow light decrease the greater the distance from the bulb. To avoid plant killing heat associated with stationary grow lights, the bulb must be kept at a greater distance from the plants. For example, your plants end up getting far less lumens than you are actually paying for. By moving your light, you may run a tighter plant to lamp tolerance (using more of what you are paying for) without generating plant killing heat. Again, this translates into lower operating cost through higher yields. Moving your light from one end of your garden and back will give your garden light at a much greater variety of angles. This allows more light to reach the foliage at the bottom of the plant, which is normally shaded by the foliage at the top of the plant. As a greater portion of the plant takes part in the process of photosynthesis, lower operating costs result from greater yields.


Light Rail works great with all reflectors!

Light Rail 3.5 is rated to 35 lbs



Weight: 6.0 lbs.