Light Rail 5.0 System Kit- Adjustable Light Movers

5.0 Gualala Light Rail Adjustable Light Movers
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  • Item #: LR5-ID4-US-KIT
  • Manufacturer: Gualala Robotics Inc
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: LR5-ID4-US-KIT
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Light Rail 5.0 System Kit- Adjustable Light Movers


Get the Light Rail 5.0 4RPM Mover Kit.  Absolutely the best of the light rails.  Fully expandable to add up to nine grow lights with available add on products.  A must for the commercial grower.

The science is fairly straight forward: Plants need the energy of light to grow. LightRail takes it deeper—all the way to the bottom of the plant. The lamp-moving technology allows for more illumination in your garden including underneath the foliage, so more of the plant is involved in photosynthesis. By moving your light source along our unique-to-the-marketplace rail system, your light will reach new lows—and your plants will reach record high yields. VMInnovations is an authorized Light Rail dealer that sells new, warranted products!

The Light Rail 5.0 4RPM Mover Kit is the most capable and versatile Light Mover manufactured by Gualala Robotics Inc. From its “triple duty” extruded aluminum track, “wide and stable” carriage with “steel-on-steel” carrier bearings, to the high torque 4 rpm instrument grade drive motor with ball bearing output shaft and “sure grip” dual drive design. It is more than capable of moving 2 or 3 lights side by side or fore and aft, and as many as 9 lights with the available add on products. This item comes with a LR5 Drive Motor, 2 section 8 foot rail, crossbar, & mounting hardware instructions!



  • Brand New Light Rail 5.0 4RPM Commercial Mover Kit!
    • Fully expandable to accommodate and move up to 9 lights
    • Smooth quite operation
    • Adjustable travel distance
    • Self clutch Drive design, with no sprockets or chains
    • Solid State Advanced Controls fully integrated digital circuitry designed with a built in 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay helping to promote even plant growth end to end
  • Part Number: LR5-ID4-US-Kit
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty!


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