Magic Herb Dryer Standard - 5-10 Plant Drying Box

magic herb dryer deluxe standard
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  • Manufacturer: Dealzer
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Product Description

Magic Herb Dryer 2.0 - 5-10 Plants

The magic herb dryer is a 5-10 plant herb drying box that will dry your herbs safely and easily. After you harvest your hydroponic or soil plants, simply hang them in this herb dryer for a quick and easy drying process. The controlled environment inside the Magic Herb Dryer will give you a complete, evenly distributed dry process so that your plants are dried efficiently and thoroughly after harvest. The standard model has 5 hanging sites and the deluxe model has 10 hanging sites. You can pick the standard or deluxe model from the dropdown menu above.

Dimensions Standard Model: 36" T x 16" W x 9.5" D

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty!

NOTE: The image below is the deluxe model (see upgradable options on top right of page). The standard model comes with 1 fan and the deluxe model comes with 2 fans.




The Magic Herb Dryer includes:

  • 5-10 hooks to hang plants from

  • 2 80mm fans with carbon filters

  • Ona block odor eliminator for odor protection (this item completely eliminates odor by 100%)
  • Lower area has a carbon protected slit for fresh air intake with carbon filter protection

  • Carbon filters to block out unwanted smells

  • Lockable latches



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Easy to use

Posted by Unknown

I'm a simpleton so I need easy to use products only like soil pots and shovels.

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