Power Cloner 45(TM) Machine
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  • Manufacturer: Botanicare
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POWER CLONER 77 MACHINE Power Cloner 77 allows you to easily and successfully root your favorite plants. Put any fruit, flower, herb, shrub, or tree cuttings in any of the Power Cloners and be amazed with the prolific roots initiated in only a 5 to 10 day period.

The Aeroponic Power Cloner 77 Site Machine uses the most efficient technology. The Aeroponic method of root cutting, which is the most swift, yet uncomplicated ways to trigger root growth.

Is it possible to place any fruit, flower, herb, shrub, or tree cuttings into a cloner and become astonished with the bountiful root growth triggered in only 5 to 10 days? The answer is yes, and it's the Aeroponic Power Cloning Systems!

Aeroponic growth systems are a revolutionary technology and are great for plant health. The Aeroponic Power Cloner 77 establishes efficiency with micro jets and high output pumps in order to spray plant cuttings. Resulting in a remarkably oxygenated rooting solution, which does WONDERS for your plant.

You must SEE to believe the amazing results! With the large capacity 20 gallon reservoir, growers have over 70 growth sites to begin plant growth. In almost no time at all you will be growing professional grade plants! Prepare yourself to be amazed at the quality of health your plants will have and the time it takes!

Our customers love this product and are often shocked at how well it really works! Additional Product Details: Model: Power Cloner 77 Dimensions: 26.75" L x 20.75" W x 17.5" H (Inches) Reservoir Capacity: 20 gallons The System includes Hydroshield, Power Clone Rooting Solution and a humidity dome. Each machine contains an aeroponic mist application to ensure the best rooting and aeration to achieve optimal results.


28 Lbs

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