SolarFlare 110™ LED Grow Light VegMaster

Solar Storm Best LED Plant Lighting
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  • Item #: CLSS110VM
  • Manufacturer: California Lighting
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SolarStorm 110 VegMaster™

The SolarStorm 110 is designed to cover up to a 4’ x 4’ area for Veg.

To get a good spread, you want to position the light approximately 36” above your canopy.

The SolarStorm 110 LED Grow Light is our smallest LED grow light unit that delivers quite a punch for its size and power.

It includes 36 high flux bin OSRAM SSL emitters.

Actual power draw of the SolarStorm 110 is around 90 Watts.

The SolarStorm 110 comes in two spectral blends: BloomBooster and VegMaster.  The unit has an output plug that allows up to 20 SolarStorm 110 units to be chained together using the optional daisy chain power cords.

This makes the installation of multiple SolarStorm 110 units a breeze by allowing up to 20 units to be powered by the same outlet using a single timer.