Stealth Grow Box 6 Site 36 Inch

stealth grow cabinet
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Product Description

Our Most Popular Stealth Grow Box. -

Now with Free Shipping in all 48 states.

This is a 3 feet tall (36"), large 6 plant Hydroponic Grow Box. 

All made in the USA

This hydroponic grow box comes with everything you will need to grow (except seeds). 



Lighting - Grow and flower bulbs,

6 Plant Hydro System

Net cups

Growing medium

Grow and Flower nutrients

Intake and Exhaust fan with carbon filtration on exhaust

Lock and Key with snap lock doors for ultimate tighness. 

CO2 growth stimulant for faster more lush growth

This is a Larger  36" grow area let’s you grow 6 taller plants in a nice stealth discreet cabinet.  36"T x 16"W x 9.5D

Now included free are 6 months CO2 food. Allows for even bigger plants than ever before.


This box will grow better than the aerogarden deluxe guaranteed or your money back.

This unit compares to the cash crop 4.0 and other grow boxes on the web for less.

Literally plug it in and grow nice Plants guaranteed inside your stealth grow box.

Stock odor filters for smell, lockable light sealing latches on every box.  

These latches are better quality then we or anyone has used on grow boxes until now, they are spring loaded which competitors boxes are not, making a unique seal with the new neoprene weatherseal.

Every grow box shipped goes threw a light seal test to ensure total light seal from door latch closing.

It literally took years to get a seal this solid, this is the best of weather seal materials we have ever used.  Other boxes don’t have the ability to last as long, and seal as well as our newest designs do.  We have scoured the market and been in it since 2008,  and set a standard to be better than any other entry level boxes on the market by far.  With spring loaded new latches and neoprene weatherstripping, our grow boxes our better than ever.


We have sold over 10,000 grow boxes in last 7 years with a 99% customer satisfaction to return ratio.