Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box 24 Inch- Six Plant Sites

Stealth Grow Box 24 Inch 6 Site
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Product Description

The Original Stealth Hydroponic  6 Site Grow box.

Our first box in 2008.   Still one of our most popular hydroponic grow cabinet systems. 

Perfect for cloning, vegetative growing next to your larger box, or even seed to harvest of autoflowers or any plant you wish can be done in this small but powerful grow box. 

The price beats anyone out there for a system like this, can compare to the Cash Crop or similar small cabinets. 

We guarantee you’ll be impressed with our high quality indoor gardens.

That’s why you get a lifetime warranty with our units.

Truly a risk free purchase.

Do not be worried if you have never grown before. 

All purchases include text/phone support for as long as you ever have any questions about your grow.

24" Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box Comes with everything you need to grow.

  • MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom plant grow nutrients, 6 months supply.
  • Grow and Flowering Bulbs, 3x each 10,000 hour lifetime
  • 6 plant deep water culture Hydroponic grow system blacked out basin to inhibit any potential algae.
  • Included with oxygenating bubbler, air pump, tubing and net pots.  6 Grow cubes fit inside your net pots for perfect plant growth.
  • Intake and Exhaust fan for perfect air movement thru-out your grow.
  • Light trapping/odor trapping carbon activated filter for help with odors included on rear of box behine fan holes.  Anything going out of the box passes thru this filter first.
  • Our grow cabinet uses spring loaded snap down latches for superior light tightness with weatherstrip that gets pulled down in a tight snapping latch.
  • Plug in and grow, also included FREE is 6 months CO2 enhancing tablets.
Doubles as 6 or 9 plant cloning machine, grow and transfer easily and quickly.  Or grow small plants all the way thru in this cabinet.

This Stealth 6 site grow box is one of our smaller boxes at just 2 feet tall,16″ wide, 9.5 ” deep, but does a great job and is guaranteed to grow awesome plants in a small area.  

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