turbogarden the perpetual growth machine, complete 15 pot hydroponic system kit
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  • Item #: 4719
  • Manufacturer: Botanicare
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BCTGEF
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TURBOGARDEN EBB AND FLOW - 15 Pot - ***Free Shipping***

Sprout seeds and grow in the same system.

Perpetual Growth Machine - Botanicare's® Turbogarden provides an effective automated method for delivering optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen to your favorite plants.

You'll get rapid growth rates, higher yields, increased nutritional value, and heightened fragrances and flavors in a 2' x 3' space.

Each system comes equipped with a large reservoir ( 25 gallon) that you fill with your favorite liquid nutrient solution.

The nutrient solution is periodically delivered to the top grow tray, to water and nourish the plants.

After the grow media and roots have been adequately hydrated, any unused solution drains back into the reservoir until the next automated feeding time.

To maintain the Turbogarden, simply top off water, add nutrients at one quarter strength, adjust pH to 6.0 and change reservoir every few weeks.

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