XTRASUN 400 Watt Halide Ballast

XTRASUN  400 Watt Halide Ballast
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  • Item #: 4400
  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
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Price $209.99
Sale Price $169.99

XTRASUN 400 W. HALIDE BALLAST - Price includes shipping


Reliable service at value prices.

Designed in America, employing features and materials normally found on higher priced units, these have become the most popular value-priced units on the market.

Their unique patented aluminum housing with convection cooling runs so cool we offer a 5 year warranty - the longest in its class.

Dual voltage Xtra versatile ... works with most fixtures Xtra value ...

Super affordable 5 year warranty on ballast electrical components

Aluminum fins, louvers and ports for extra cooling efficiency

Compatible with all Hydrofarm reflectors and most others